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Health and freedom can finally fit in the palm of your hand. Tunnel gives you the confidence to plan, act, and move without worrying about who's keeping tabs on you. And since Tunnel blocks harmful EMF pollution, you can do it all while optimizing your health. 


  • Proven

    Constructed with 100% authentic copper — the same  kind of metal used by top-level government agencies to hide their activity. They’re doing it, now you can too.

  • Powerful

    Your Tunnel uses a new and innovative dual-layer compounding system with authentic copper plus an auxiliary nickel conductor to create an impenetrable shield.

  • Simple

    Charmingly easy to use, you can take Tunnel with you on-the-go and break free from the grid in a matter of seconds, leaving surveillance systems in the dust.

tun diagram 16What is EMF?
EMF stands for electromagnetic fields.

Your phone constantly uses EMF, which allows others to pry into your information and watch your activity. EMF exposure has also been linked to numerous negative health effects.

How Tunnel Works:
Here's a secret: high-level government agencies surround their buildings with copper shielding to hide their activity.

Why copper? Copper is a highly conductive metal that blocks EMF, allowing the user to escape surveillance.

It's why we built Tunnel with 100% authentic copper shielding. If governments can do it, so can we.  When you slip your phone inside, you cannot be tracked or monitored.

We also added a reinforcing nickel conductor to increase Tunnel's shielding strength even more, making Tunnel the only device on the market that provides this kind of anonymity and liberty.

Smartphones typically operate somewhere between 850-1900 MHz. Tunnel can block that entire range and then some at 100+ db attenuation, and it can fit virtually any phone size, including the new iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy.

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You can also purchase your Tunnel using Bitcoin.

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Your Freedom Matters

Even when you put your phone on standby or switch it off, it still functions in a low-power mode (or "baseband") and uses EMF.

Malicious hackers have the ability to send commands to your "off" phone, activating your mic or camera to watch everything you're doing.

And it's not just malicious hackers that can spy on you. Corrupt agents of the State can also use a gadget called a "Stingray."

A "Stingray" mimics a cell phone tower, allowing them to gather private information from your phone, listen to your conversations, and track your location without your knowledge.

If you've done nothing wrong and you don't want snoopers sticking their noses in your business, then it's critical that you take action now. With your Tunnel you can finally act with confidence and stop worrying about who's keeping tabs on you. 

Tunnel is not intended to be used for illegal or criminal activity. But the problem is that even if you've done nothing illegal, your movements and activity can be still tracked by these nosy thugs just because you carry a smartphone on you, even if you're not talking on it.

Tunnel changes all of that, giving you the power to evade unconstitutional surveillance whenever you want.

Just slip your phone inside and let your Tunnel go to work for you. From the perspective of snoopers, you've just blinked out of existence.

Imagine their frustration when they look at their monitors and see you suddenly disappearing before their eyes, then later reappearing at a random location across the map, then suddenly disappearing again, and on and on like an invisible particle swerving unpredictably. 

Tunneling your phone lets you always be one step ahead of the systems of surveillance, sabotaging their attempts to predict your patterns and behavior. When you're not using it, Tunnel it.

Not anymore...

I keep a good supply of these on hand to cover our bases. I make sure every new employee gets one, and we never sit down at the conference table without them.

David, IT Director

I work for a firm where all it takes is one employee's phone to be hacked and our whole company is at risk. I started using this during private office meetings and everybody wants to get one now. My boss just ordered his. Awesome product.

Keith T.

Best thing to happen to protests. They have no clue what we're planning or in what direction we're heading. We also use them for our workshops. It's like living back in a time before all this mass surveillance.

Anon, activist

More benefits you can get by using your Tunnel

  • Gives you the strongest shielding for escaping unconstitutional surveillance, hiding your physical location and activity.
  • Optimizes your health by protecting you from harmful EMF pollution.
  • Protects your organization's sensitive meetings from remote monitoring.
  • Protects your banking and financial information from malicious hackers.
  • Increases your productivity and focus, so you can finally stop wasting time with useless distractions.


1. Insert phone inside and pull cover down to secure fastener.

2. Wait 8-10 seconds for any remaining EMF to be blocked.

3. You are now untraceable.


Disappearing man color final

Get off the grid now

You can also purchase your Tunnel using Bitcoin.
Pay With Bitcoin

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Maybe you’re not sure if Tunnel will work for you, so that’s why we’re guaranteeing you 100% satisfaction with your order or your money back. Basically you can try Tunnel for 30 days on us. We know that once you experience the benefits, you won’t want to part with it. If for any reason you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, simply send your Tunnel back to us within 30 days in the condition it was received and we’ll give you your money back — no questions asked. You’ve really got nothing to lose by ordering. Try it out completely risk-free.

Your Health Matters

Do you ever sleep with your phone nearby?

Do you carry your phone in your pocket throughout the day?

You may be causing serious damage to your body, your brain, and your overall health.

Recent studies suggest that EMF negatively affects your health in several ways, including:

- Hormonal disruption and increased stress response

- Changes in melatonin levels associated with breast cancer and Alzeimer's disease

- Adverse changes in DNA leading to birth defects

New studies also show links between long-term EMF exposure and hormonal imbalance, which can result in weight gain, fatigue, sexual dysfunction, low energy, stress, and depression.

If you're suffering from any of the above even though you try to stay healthy, it might be time to question what you've been told to believe and start looking at the science.

Stop letting them do this to you.

Stop letting them do this to you.

These days a lot of people don't take threats to their health seriously. 

They'll say things like, "Well we can't be sure yet if cell phone radiation is harmful, we need even more studies to be conducted... so it's safe to continue exposing ourselves for now." (Note: studies are all referenced at the bottom of this page.)

That's the same thing many people said in the 60's and 70's when they promised us that cigarettes were safe.

Do you really want to be a guinea pig for these powerful interests and sit around waiting for them to tell you if something's harmful?  Or will you think for yourself, read the studies, and take action?

Some of the benefits that may be experienced by blocking EMF when combined with diet and exercise:

  • Improved cognitive performance, sharper thinking, and mental clarity.
  • Increased energy and wakefulness, naturally adjusted sleep patterns.
  • Greater overall sense of well being and emotional stability.
  • Positive increase in libido, vitality, and sex drive.
  • Maintained balance of hormonal and biochemical systems.

Yet, you can't just throw your cell phone in the trash and revert back to the stone-age.

That's why so many people love Tunnel.

Tunnel lets you keep all the great technology that comes with your smartphone, while simultaneously protecting you from negative side-effects.

You can finally stop being a radiated guinea pig for powerful interests who only care about your money, not your well being.

There's a healthier alternative available.

When You're Not Using It, Tunnel It.

You can eat broccoli and chicken all the time, you can lift heavy weights four times a day, but a lot of that effort can be wasted if your hormones are imbalanced by long-term EMF exposure.

When it comes to your health, leave no stone unturned. Every step counts, no matter how small. Make the decision NOW to protect your brain and body. And that starts with taking action.

A Few Ways You Can Use Your Tunnel

  • Give Tunnels to employees for use during sensitive meetings and conferences in your company.
  • Guard your banking and financial information from malicious hackers.
  • Prevent others from remotely activating your microphone and camera to monitor you.
  • Protect your private operations with associates and colleagues.
  • Prevent stalkers from prying into your personal photos and text messages.
  • Stay healthy and protect your hormones by shielding your body from harmful EMF pollution.
  • Ensure the absolute secrecy of your strategies for political activities and protests.
  • Increase your focus and productivity when studying and meeting deadlines.
  • Hide your location when engaging in high-risk operations.
  • Give Tunnels to your friends and family living in authoritarian countries.

The Science Behind Tunnel

Faraday Shield

Entrance into a large Faraday Shield - via Wikipedia

Tunnel works by creating what's called a Faraday Shield, named after the British scientist Michael Faraday who invented it in 1836.

A Faraday Shield is essentially a complete enclosure constructed with highly conductive material. It is designed to block out non-ionizing radiation (EMF).

Copper is the preferred choice by governments and industries due to its extremely strong shielding conductivity, ensuring that currents can't pass through it.

Historically Faraday Shields have been rather large and cumbersome to construct.

Tunnel essentially gives you a portable Faraday Shield in the palm of your hand.

We wanted to build the strongest shield possible, and that's why we decided to use the same metal that secretive government agencies use: copper.

NSA Copper

NSA facility in Utah.

Government agencies spend big bucks installing copper screens and mesh throughout their buildings. Why? Because it works.

They protect their own privacy with copper, it's time that we protect ours too.

We've also added an internal layer of conductive nickel to reinforce the copper.

Tunnel is the only device on the market with this dual-layer compounding system.

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Remember: when you place your order right now, it's 1oo% risk-free for 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Will my phone still work when I take it out of my Tunnel?

    A.Yes. When you place it inside your Tunnel, your phone cannot be traced and cannot send signals out. But as soon as your phone is taken out, it functions normally again. You can then retrieve messages that were left while it was Tunneled, and the EMF returns, allowing you to be tracked again. Tunnel gives you the option to control when to “disappear” and “reappear.” The inner copper is also made out of soft polyester sheets which are gentle on phones.

  • Q.Is it legal to use Tunnel?

    A.Yes, Tunnel is a legal device, so long as you abide by local, state, and federal laws while using it. Tunnel is not intended to be used for criminal or illegal activity.

  • Q.Can I order my Tunnel in a color other than black?

    A.We’re currently developing multi-colored Tunnels. Sign up for our email alerts or contact us directly to reserve your spot on the waiting list. For now, all Tunnels are solid black — our favorite color. 😉

  • Q.I have an iPhone 6, will it fit inside my Tunnel?

    A.Yes! Tunnel can now fit your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and virtually all other phone sizes. If you have an unusually large phone that can’t fit inside Tunnel due to using a huge outer case, just send your Tunnel back to us for an exchange with one of our extra large sizes — but this is a rare circumstance since most phones will fit in the default size even with cases on.

How to purchase: Click the "Add to Cart" button above and follow the instructions to make a payment. If you have a coupon code, make sure to enter it in the "Discount Code" field before checking out. Payments are processed with Paypal, but you do not have to own a PayPal account when you purchase. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can pay with any major credit card –  to do so, click the "Checkout with Paypal" button, then click the link that says "Don’t have a Paypal account?" and you can purchase with your credit card. 

Still here? See if you can guess the answers to the following cases (based on actual events)

Untitled-4Case 1: The "Leaky Hole" in Your Organization

It's 8:30 AM. You call your employees into the conference room for a debriefing. They give you a detailed update on code improvements for your company's online presence and interdepartmental communication.

The next morning, you get an emergency alert from IT. Your systems have been breached.

Employee information and your company's sensitive financial records were stolen. You followed all the security best practices. None of your employees broke their confidentiality agreements. How could this happen?


Robin, one of your most loyal employees, downloaded a gaming app on his smartphone about a week ago. Despite the look and feel of a real game, the app was created as a “front” by malicious hackers. Once downloaded, it gave them the ability to remotely activate the microphone and camera on Robin’s phone.

Robin had his phone with him in the meeting that morning. They heard all the details about the code improvements and used the information to infiltrate your systems.

Solution: No matter how many security precautions you’ve taken, just one employee’s phone is all it takes for an intruder to gain access. Consider adopting a company-wide policy according to which employees agree to Tunnel their phones during sensitive meetings.

Assign every new employee their own Tunnel, and keep an extra supply of Tunnels stored in the conference room for ease of access.

Make conference rooms “Tunnel Required” spaces. If employees need to communicate with clients during a conference, they may do so by stepping out and un-Tunneling their phone. But during sensitive meetings, phones are to be Tunneled at all times.

Mobile hacking has reached record highs.

Vulnerabilities in desktop computers often receive fast responses. As a consequence, malicious hackers have turned to exploiting the mobile world, where many vulnerabilities still exist.

Over the 10 month period from August 2013 through March 2014, the number of mobile attacks per month was up nearly tenfold, from 69,000 in August 2013 to 644,000 in March 2014,” according to a joint study by Kaspersky Lab and Interpol.*

Employees who work at major firms are often among the targets.  If their mobile phones can be accessed, the mic and camera can be turned on at will by malicious hackers, letting them keep an eye on everything happening within the office doors.

To maintain that edge that your company has worked so hard for, it’s critical to stay ahead of the times and be ready to neutralize the newest threats.

The case of “Robing” downloading a gaming app that gave hackers company information is becoming common.

“Such seemingly innocuous apps like tic-tac-toe give cybercriminals access to a vast amount of both personal and corporate data,” according to security expert Anton Kivva.

As long as smartphones exist, employees will download apps, and your company will be at risk. Strike the problem at its root and create “Tunnel-Required” spaces in your office.


You can also purchase your Tunnel using Bitcoin.
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Bulk order deals are available. Please contact us here to find out more.

*Taken from “Mobile Cyber-Threats: A Joint Study by Kaspersky Lab and Interpol” 


Untitled-5Case 2: "All Natural" Health Deterioration

You can't lose that layer of fat, your sleep patterns aren’t normal, the brain fog and fatigue never seem to go away, you rarely live with passion these days, and even your libido is sagging.  Your doctor offers you a prescription for a new pharmaceutical. You don't want to start on a drug but you feel like it's your only option left. 

You’ve been eating clean, you've been exercising. But none of it seems to work. You swallow the pill and prepare for unwanted side-effects. How could this happen to you even though you have a healthy lifestyle?


Answer: What you didn’t know is that your brain and body were screaming for help the whole time. For the last four years, you’ve been sleeping with a powerful radiation-emitter near your bed, keeping it in your pocket when you go out, letting it rest between your legs after you text and drive, pressing it against your head when you talk. In short, you’ve been soaking your brain and body with EMF radiation, 24/7, disrupting your hormones and throwing your body’s natural biochemical functions off balance. You just needed to get rid of this insidious habit and let your body breathe again.

We aren’t doctors and can’t offer medical advice, but we can point to study after study which show links between cell phone EMF and numerous negative health conditions — hormone disruption, neurological damage, brain tumors, vision damage, changes in DNA, and even birth defects, to name but a few.

We’ve experienced countless health benefits just by following this simple principle: When You’re Not Using It, Tunnel It.  If you sleep with your phone nearby at night, Tunnel it.  (Yes, your phone’s alarm clock will still work inside Tunnel.)

When you drive, Tunnel it. When you carry it in your purse or pocket, Tunnel it.

If you have small children or babies, ensure that they aren’t being soaked in harmful EMF pollution at such young ages.

Give every member of your family a Tunnel and make it a common household practice.


You can also purchase your Tunnel using Bitcoin.
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chain phone finCase 3: From Privacy to Paranoia
You've been hearing terms like “fascism” and “police state" more and more lately. It's been all over the news. A whistleblower came forward and proved beyond doubt that “big brother” really does keep tabs on us.

It seems so unreal. Still, you find yourself uncomfortable with that phone around you all the time. Is it all true? What kind of conversations have you had lately? What have you been doing in front of your phone's camera? Are they really tracking your location? What happened to your peace of mind?


Answer: While political pundits debate back and forth about State surveillance, one thing remains true: we all have decisions to make.

It’s up to each of us to think independently and do careful research.

At the same time, we’re not afraid to speak out about what we’ve found. Namely, that it’s true that governments are collecting data from our smartphones.

But that doesn’t mean we should react with fear and paranoia.

Instead, we should create new and innovative ways to work around the system, to wage counter-attacks on any unlawful mechanisms of surveillance that control us.

In short, we should create concrete ways to defend our civil liberty, our privacy, and our autonomy.

Tunnel is one of those ways. Tunnel gives you the choice of when you want to appear and disappear from the surveillance grid.

When you take your phone in and out of Tunnel on your own timing, it sabatoges the attempts by snoopers to invade your privacy. From their perspective, you’re constantly appearing and reappearing in random locations on the grid, like the swerve of an electron that can’t be predicted.

Suppose you’re at a protest and you don’t want to be unlawfully tracked. When you’re not using your phone to take photos or send Tweets, Tunnel it. When your phone is Tunneled, you block attempts by others to put you under surveillance.

Carrying your phone around with you un-Tunneled makes you an open target. If you’re concerned about the current political climate, take action now.


You can also purchase your Tunnel using Bitcoin.
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