The evidence is clear, but it's being hidden from you.

77% of Americans are now exposed to EMF radiation from smartphones.

Tunnel is the only Faraday enclosure for smartphones constructed with a patent-pending dual layer copper system, giving millions the power to protect against radiation.

Tunnel works with virtually all smartphones:

It's real and it's science-based.

"There is every indication that cell phones cause brain tumors, salivary gland tumors, and eye cancer.  Yet, because the cellular industry provides research funding, this reality is hidden from the public."
- Lloyd Morgan
Director of Central US Brain Tumor Registry

Dangerous Myth: turning the phone off means the phone won't emit EMF.

Fact: Even when you turn your phone off it is emitting EMF as it functions in baseband mode.


Dangerous Myth: keeping the phone in airplane mode means the phone won't emit EMF.

Fact: Smartphones still emit EMF when they function in airplane mode due to their electrical composition.


Dangerous Myth: covering part of the phone with expensive shielding means the phone won't emit EMF.

Fact: Smartphones emit EMF in a multi-directional trajectory. Blocking only part of the phone can cause EMF to seep from the sides and the bottom. Thus you will still be exposed.


To be effective in blocking EMF one needs an authentic Faraday enclosure -- a scientifically proven, topologically complete barrier that blocks EMF from all directions.

The Tunnel Advantage

Tunnel works by forming a complete Faraday enclosure for your phone, using the same metal that industry experts use: copper.

Tunnel is also designed to work fast and efficiently. Simply insert your phone and pull the cover down to secure the fastener.

In just a few seconds you'll be shielded from exposure.  When you need to use your phone, simply slide it out.

Tunnel puts you in control of when you want to be exposed and when you want to be protected.

How It Works

Staying healthy shouldn't be a scam.

People pay thousands to protect themselves, but they're getting a false sense of security.

Beware of unreliable shields, and don't fall for pseudoscientific clickbait.

If it doesn't have copper or it doesn't act as a Faraday enclosure, save your money.

Tunnel includes a patent-pending dual layer copper system, making it the best phone radiation shield on the market.

Do you ever sleep with your phone nearby? Do you carry your phone in your pocket or purse throughout the day? You may be causing serious damage to your body, your mind, and your overall health.

Children are particularly vulnerable to EMF due to easier penetration into organs.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies smartphone radiation electromagnetic frequency (EMF) as a 2B carcinogen. This is the same category as DDT, lead, and engine exhaust. 

Studies have indicated links between long-term EMF exposure and hormonal imbalance, which can result in weight gain, fatigue, premature aging, sexual dysfunction, stress, and depression. Recent studies also suggest that EMF negatively affects your health in several ways, including hormonal disruption and increased stress; changes in melatonin levels associated with breast cancer and Alzeimer's disease; and adverse changes in DNA leading to birth defects.

If that's news to you, then hold on to your seat. It gets worse.  Here's what you need to know.

20-80% of the radiation from a phone’s antenna penetrates up to two inches into the adult brain.

Studies have shown that the more time people spend on their phones, the more likely they are to be depressed.

Smartphones have thermal effects (heating biological tissue) as well as non-thermal effects (EMF frequencies).

When EMF from smartphones is close to the head, brainwaves can be affected 70% of the time. But even when they're not close to the head, your body and other organs can be exposed.

Mothers who use mobile phones are 54% more likely to have children with behavioral problems.

71% of consumers sleep next to their mobile phones.

Sleeping near a smartphone can result in poor REM sleep, leading to impaired learning and memory. The blue light exposure can hinder sleep time twice as long as caffeine because it suppresses melatonin, the "sleep hormone."


"We need to start taking the threat of EMF seriously and take whatever steps we can to protect us from and compensate for its insidious biological effects."
-Nora Gedgaudas, CNS
Author of Primal Body Primal Mind

"EMF slows our brain waves down and affects our long-term mental clarity.  We should minimize exposure to EMF as much as possible to optimize our neurotransmitter levels and prevent deterioration of health."
-Dr. Eric Braverman
Author of Younger Brain Sharper Mind

"The scientific evidence tells us that our safety standards are inadequate, and that we must protect ourselves from exposure to EMF or risk the consequences. The science is very strong and we should sit up and pay attention."
-Martin Blank, PhD
Professor of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics

Copper is virtually the strongest EMF shielding on the planet. Tunnel is the only device on the market constructed with a patent-pending dual layer copper system.

  • Proven

    Constructed with 100% authentic copper — copper’s unique strength as an EMF shield is why so many choose Tunnel.

  • Powerful

    Your Tunnel is made with an innovative dual-layer compounding system. The authentic copper is joined with extra nickel and silver to create an impenetrable shield.

  • Simple

    Charmingly easy to use, you can take your Tunnel with you on-the-go and keep EMF at bay whenever you decide.

A few benefits you can experience by blocking EMF when combined with diet and exercise:

Improved cognitive performance, sharper thinking, and mental clarity.

Increased energy and wakefulness, natural sleep patterns.

Greater overall sense of well being and emotional stability.

Positive increase in libido, vitality, and sex drive.

Maintained balance of hormonal and biochemical systems.

$37 if you order now.


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Try it for yourself. Risk free. Guaranteed.

We’re guaranteeing you 100% satisfaction with your order. Try Tunnel for 30 days on us. We know that once you experience the benefits, you won’t want to part with it. If for any reason you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, simply send your Tunnel back to us within 30 days in the condition it was received and we’ll give you your money back — no questions asked. You’ve really got nothing to lose.

David O. Carpenter, MD

"Based on the existing science, many public health experts believe it is possible we will face an epidemic of cancers in the future resulting from uncontrolled use of cell phones....  The importance of this public health issue can not be underestimated.”

David O. Carpenter, MD, Professor, Environmental Health Sciences, and Director, Institute for Health and the Environment, School of Public Health, University of Albany, SUNY
Magda Havas, PhD

"Radio frequency radiation and other forms of electromagnetic pollution are harmful at orders of magnitude well beyond existing guidelines. In the case of telecommunications equipment, such as cell phones, wireless networks, cell phone antennas, and portable phones, the science is being ignored... There is an emerging public health crisis at hand and time is of the essence.”

Magda Havas, PhD, Associate Professor, Environment and Resource Studies, Trent University.

The key point about electromagnetic pollution that the public has to realize is that it is not necessary that the intensity be large for a biological interaction to occur. There is now considerable evidence that extremely weak signals can have physiological consequences. These interactive intensities are about 1000 times smaller than the threshold values formerly estimated by otherwise knowledgeable theoreticians, who, in their vainglorious approach to science, rejected all evidence to the contrary as inconsistent with their magnificent calculations. These faulty estimated thresholds are yet to be corrected by both regulators and the media...  Indeed the tens of billions of dollars in sales one finds in the cell phone industry makes it mandatory to corporate leaders that they deny, in knee-jerk fashion, any indication of hazard."

, Center for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Co-Editor, Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine
Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD

“The evidence for risks from prolonged cell phone and cordless phone use is quite strong when you look at people who have used these devices for 10 years or longer, and when they are used mainly on one side of the head. Recent studies that do not report increased risk of brain tumors and acoustic neuromas have not looked at heavy users, use over ten years or longer, and do not look at the part of the brain which would reasonably have exposure to produce a tumor.”

Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD, Professor at University Hospital, Orebro, Sweden. World-renowned expert on cell phones, cordless phones, and brain tumors.
Samuel Milham MD, MPH

“Very recently, new research is suggesting that nearly all the human plagues which emerged in the twentieth century, like common acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children, female breast cancer, malignant melanoma and asthma, can be tied to some facet of our use of electricity.  There is an urgent need for governments and individuals to take steps to minimize community and personal EMF exposures.”

Samuel Milham MD, MPH, Medical epidemiologist in occupational epidemiology.
James S. Turner, Esq.

"According to the BioInitiative Report: A Rationale for a Biologically-Based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields... we live in an invisible fog of EMF which thirty years of science, including over 2,000 peer reviewed studies, shows exposes us to serious health risks such as increased Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, Lou Gehrig disease, EMF immune system hypersensitivity and disruption of brain function and DNA.  The public needs to wake up politicians and public officials to the need for updating the decades old EMF public health standards.”

James S. Turner, Esq., Chairman of the Board, Citizens for Health
Paul J. Rosch, MD

"It is not generally appreciated that there is a cumulative effect and that talking on a cell phone for just an hour a day for ten years can add up to 10,000 watts of radiation. That’s ten times more than from putting your head in a microwave oven. Pregnant women may also be at increased risk based on a study showing that children born to mothers who used a cell phone just two or three times a day during pregnancy showed a dramatic increase in hyperactivity and other behavioral and emotional problems. And for the 30% of children who had also used a cell phone by age 7, the incidence of behavioral problems was 80% higher."

Paul J. Rosch, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry, New York Medical College; Honorary Vice President International Stress Management Association
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Will my phone still work when I take it out of my Tunnel?

    A.Yes. When you place it inside your Tunnel, the EMF is blocked and so your phone cannot send signals out. But as soon as your phone is taken out, it functions normally again. You can then retrieve messages that were left while it was Tunneled. Tunnel gives you the option to control when you are exposed or shielded. None of your data is harmed and the inner copper contains pliable polyester sheets which are gentle on phones.

  • Q.What if someone needs to call me in an emergency, can I still receive their calls?

    A.Yes, as long as you keep your Tunnel cover partially open. This will allow just enough EMF inside for the call to connect, without exposing you to the EMF.  Most people keep their phones partially Tunneled while they sleep at night. This way, they can be available for emergencies while directing the EMF directly to the phone and away from them.

  • Q.Will my alarm and other apps function inside my Tunnel?

    A.Yes. You can leave your phone inside your Tunnel when you sleep and the alarm will still work. Any app that does not need an external dependency on EMF will still work while Tunneled. For example, you can keep your headphone cord attached to your phone and pull the cover over it. This allows you to listen to any music you’ve stored on your phone while it’s Tunneled.

  • Q.I have a large phone, will it fit inside my Tunnel?

    A.Yes! Tunnel can fit virtually all other phone sizes. If you have an unusually large phone with a bulky case that can’t fit inside, just send your Tunnel back to us for an exchange with one of our extra large sizes — but this is a rare circumstance since most phones will fit in the default size even with cases on.