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Introducing the world's strongest mobile stealth enclosure.

Tunnel can be used with any mobile device.


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Absolute secrecy in business.

Simple. Smart.

Conceal your location and financial data.

Communication and power after an EMP attack.

The Science Behind Tunnel

Tunnel works by creating what's called a Faraday Shield, named after the British scientist Michael Faraday who invented the shielding in 1836.

A Faraday Shield is a topologically complete, conductive enclosure designed to block non-ionizing radiation in the form of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).

Historically, Faraday Shields have been large and cumbersome to construct. Tunnel solves that problem. It's a portable Faraday Shield in the palm of your hand.


Entrance into a large Faraday Shield - via Wikipedia

Protect your health and hormonal balance against EMF pollution.

National Security Agency (NSA) facility in Utah.

The Intelligent Choice

Copper is the preferred choice by governments and private industries due to its extremely strong shielding conductivity, ensuring that currents can't pass through it.

We used the same metal that the experts use to give you the strongest shielding available.

Only $37 if you order now. 


A Few Ways You Can Use Your Tunnel

  • Give Tunnels to employees for use during sensitive meetings and conferences in your company.
  • Guard your banking and financial information from malicious hackers.
  • Prevent others from remotely activating your microphone and camera to monitor you.
  • Protect your private operations with associates and colleagues.
  • Prevent stalkers from prying into your personal photos and text messages.
  • Stay healthy and protect your hormones by shielding your body from harmful EMF pollution.
  • Hide your strategies for politically sensitive activities and protests.
  • Preserve the functionality of your devices during an EMP attack.
  • Hide your location when engaging in high-risk operations.
  • Give Tunnels to your friends and family living under authoritarian regimes.

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