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Tunnel gives you the confidence to plan, act, and move without worrying about who's keeping tabs on you.

Works with virtually all models:


You can also purchase your Tunnel using Bitcoin.

Even when you put your phone on standby or switch it off, it still functions in a low-power mode (or "baseband") and uses EMF.

Malicious hackers have the ability to send commands to your "off" phone, activating your mic or camera to watch everything you're doing.

They can also use devices which mimic cell phone towers, allowing them to gather private information from your phone, listen to your conversations, and track your location without your knowledge.

Tunnel is a Faraday shield. It creates a complete enclosure inside copper shielding to block these hacking attempts. It is the only shield on the market that uses a patent-pending dual layer system with copper, reinforced by both nickel and silver conductors.


  • Proven

    Constructed with 100% authentic copper — the same kind of metal used by top-level industry experts to hide their sensitive information and activity.

  • Powerful

    Your Tunnel includes an innovative dual layer compounding system with authentic copper plus an auxiliary nickel conductor to create a virtually impenetrable barrier.

  • Simple

    Charmingly easy to use, you can take Tunnel with you on-the-go and have it working in a matter of seconds, counteracting unlawful spying and hacking.

Tunneling your phone puts you one step ahead of unlawful systems of spying. Criminal elements can scoop your phone data to blackmail you, uncover your identity, and monitor your activity.

Tunnel give you the power to outsmart them, sabotaging their attempts to predict your patterns and behavior.

Simply place your phone inside and let your Tunnel do the work for you. From the perspective of someone monitoring you, you've disappeared.

I keep a good supply of these on hand to cover our bases. I make sure every new employee gets one, and we never sit down at the conference table without them.

David, IT Director

I work for a firm where all it takes is one employee's phone to be hacked and our whole company is at risk. I started using this during private meetings and my boss just ordered his. Awesome product.

Keith T.

We have a growing problem of criminals paying hackers to pry into our phones. It is the one vulnerability they've been exploiting, and it's critical to use shields as an effective barrier. Encryption apps and shutting the phone off do not work. Tunnel is the best.

Knight1978, New York

You can also purchase your Tunnel using Bitcoin.

We wanted to build the strongest shield possible, which is why we decided to use copper.

Sophisticated organizations spend a lot of money installing copper screens and mesh throughout their buildings. Why? Because it works.

That's why we've used it to create the best shield on the market. We've also added an internal layer of conductive nickel to reinforce the copper.

Tunnel works. It's backed by the same physical sciences involved in constructing traditional Faraday enclosures.

NSA facility in Utah.

Protecting your privacy shouldn't be a scam.

We could have imported a cheap gimmick from China and charged an unreasonable price -- but we chose not to. Beware of knock-offs and scams out there.

Finding a reliable shielding system is hard, which is why so many choose Tunnel.

We're living in a time when spying is a very real threat. This isn't a game. We designed Tunnel because we wanted a real solution that actually works.

It's made in the USA and it's the only device with a patent-pending dual layer system that uses 100% authentic copper, which is the same metal used by industry experts.

You could say we went overboard. That's the point. When it comes to protection, we're not taking any chances.

We also designed Tunnel to work fast and efficiently. It only takes a few seconds to slip it inside the drop cover and start blocking out EMF.

No loose components, buckles, corny logos, or other fluff. It's a solid black, low-profile case that won't call attention to you and it's small enough to carry with you on-the-go.

A Few Ways You Can Use Your Tunnel

  • Give Tunnels to employees for use during sensitive meetings and conferences.
  • Guard your banking and financial information.
  • Prevent others from remotely activating your microphone and camera to monitor you.
  • Protect your private operations with associates and colleagues.
  • Prevent stalkers from prying into your personal photos and text messages.
  • Prevent hackers from seeing your romantic or sexual activity for use in blackmail operations.
  • Ensure the absolute secrecy of your strategies and tactics during planning and action phases.
  • Adapt to unexpected events without compromising your field assignment.
  • Hide your location when engaging in high-risk operations.
  • Give Tunnels to your friends and family living in authoritarian countries.

$27 if you order now.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re guaranteeing you 100% satisfaction with your order or your money back. Basically you can try Tunnel for 30 days on us. We know that once you experience the benefits, you won’t want to part with it. If for any reason you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, simply send your Tunnel back to us within 30 days in the condition it was received and we’ll give you your money back — no questions asked. You’ve really got nothing to lose. Try it out completely risk-free.

Real science for a real solution.

Tunnel works by creating what's called a Faraday Shield, named after the British scientist Michael Faraday who invented it in 1836.

A Faraday Shield is essentially a complete enclosure constructed with highly conductive material. It is designed to block out non-ionizing radiation (EMF).  Copper is the preferred choice by governments and industries due to its extremely strong shielding conductivity, ensuring that currents can't pass through it.

Historically Faraday Shields have been rather large and cumbersome to construct. Tunnel essentially gives you a portable Faraday Shield in the palm of your hand.

Entrance into a large Faraday Shield - via Wikipedia


You can also purchase your Tunnel using Bitcoin.

Remember: when you place your order right now, it's 1oo% risk-free for 30 days.

How to purchase: Click the "Buy Now" button above and follow the instructions to make a payment. Payments are processed with Paypal, but if you do not have a Paypal account, you can pay with any major credit card –  to do so, click the "Checkout with Paypal" button, then click the link that says "Don’t have a Paypal account?" and you can purchase with your credit card. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Will my phone still work when I take it out of my Tunnel?

    A.Yes. When you place it inside your Tunnel, your phone cannot be traced and cannot send signals out. But as soon as your phone is taken out, it functions normally again. You can then retrieve messages that were left while it was Tunneled, and the EMF returns, allowing you to be tracked again. Tunnel gives you the option to control when to “disappear” and “reappear.” The inner copper is also made out of soft polyester sheets which are gentle on phones.

  • Q.Is it legal to use Tunnel?

    A.Yes, Tunnel is a legal device, so long as you abide by local, state, and federal laws while using it. Tunnel is not intended to be used for criminal or illegal activity.

  • Q.Will Tunnel preserve my phone during an EMP attack?

    A.Yes. You can also put mini ham radios or thumb drives inside to keep them safe during such an attack. Moreover, when you are traveling in areas with a high rate of identity theft, you can store your RFID documents inside to prevent unwanted scanning.

  • Q.I have a large phone, will it fit inside my Tunnel?

    A.Yes! Tunnel can fit virtually all phone sizes. If your phone is unusually large and doesn’t fit, just send your Tunnel back to us for an exchange with a custom extra-large size — but this is a rare circumstance since most phones will fit in the default size even with cases on.


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