ALERT: Regarding Legislative Ban on Tunnel


We’ve been receiving emails about the possibility of a bill being proposed that would make it illegal for civilians to sell or possess anti-surveillance technology.

This would include cell-phone jammers and less invasive anti-surveillance technology like Tunnel.

We want to take this time to assure you that this is an unfounded rumor and that Tunnel remains a legal device.

As of this time, we do not know of any plans pertaining to a ban on this device or related devices.

In fact, we doubt that these devices will ever be banned.

That said, anything is possible. Should any legislative measures be taken against anti-surveillance technology, we will send out notification immediately.

For now, enjoy your Tunnel and know that it is still legal for you to own!

Thank you for your continued support and positive emails. You are truly a blessing.

With warm regards,

-Tunnel Staff